A complete sedan filled with technology. Mitsubishi Motors introduces the new Lancer HLE, a modern and even more comfortable vehicle to ride in the city and travel with the family.

“Mitsubishi Motors is already serving the customer who wants a more sporty sedan. We are now launching the HLE version for those looking for more comfort, but always keeping our focus on quality, safety and cost-effectiveness,” said Robert Rittscher, president of Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil. “We have a very big concern with this.When a customer acquires a Mitsubishi vehicle, he will have access to a world of options and advantages, such as fixed price review.In addition, we maintain our prompt delivery rates of parts is above 95 % in the 190 dealers of the brand in the country, “he says.

The HLE version features a new design in the front bumper, which receives a center section painted in the color of the vehicle, as well as chrome frames in the upper and lower grille. With the suitability of the suspension, the vehicle had an even higher ground clearance , 170 mm. The wheels are 16-inch Soft Wishbone alloy wheels and 205/60 R16 tires.

“With the nationalization of the Lancer at the end of 2014, and understanding market segmentation, Mitsubishi Motors do Brasil’s engineering was able to make a series of improvements, leaving the vehicle even more to the Brazilian’s liking, favoring comfort and safety. new Comfort Oriented suspension , along with “green” tires, bring even more comfort and practicality to run on a daily basis in the city or even, “says Reinaldo Muratori, director of engineering and planning at Mitsubishi Motors Brazil. “In addition, we did a great job of improving sound insulation, making the interior of the vehicle even quieter,” says Muratori.

With modern lines, the Lancer HLE brings the perfect combination of safety, design and comfort. The vehicle is equipped with the automatic headlamp sensor, rain sensor, autopilot and integrated audio and telephone control at the steering wheel, automatic air-conditioning and an on-board computer in the center of the dashboard, which collects information that can easily be displayed. The sunroof and seats with leather complete the look.

The vehicle comes with the modern multimedia system with Black Glass Touch Screen 7-inch and chrome finish, which brings even more refinement to the interior. It is equipped with GPS navigator, Bluetooth with speakerphone for phone and audio transmission, dual video zone, USB with interface for smartphones, CD / DVD, radio, auxiliary input and for SD cards, and Dynamic Information System (DIS), with accelerometer, lateral acceleration, compass, front tilt and altitude.

For safety of driver and passengers, the Lancer HLE come equipped with Full System Airbags : two front, two side, four curtain and one knee on the driver’s side.

The 16-inch Green Performance tires feature new tread geometry, which provides lower noise and rolling resistance, resulting in lower fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions, lower maintenance costs and longer durability.

Comfort and practicality

The Lancer is a versatile car, able to carry the whole family with great comfort. The trunk has pantographic arms , which do not occupy internal space, do not interfere with the closure of the lid and do not cause damage to the luggage. The internal space has 413 liters, ideal to easily accommodate the belongings of the whole family.

The practicality is in every detail and the vehicle is equipped with alarm, Immobilizer system and Keyless for locking the doors and opening the trunk. There are 16 cupholders and cup holders distributed in strategic places. The split rear seat ensures versatility to carry larger luggage.

Inside, refinement is present with the Premium Black finish and the bow design, which brings the driver’s comfort and entertainment commands closer and provides more legroom. Thanks to a modern and innovative design, the aerodynamic coefficient of 0.29 helps to reduce fuel consumption and reduces internal noise, providing stability and comfort.


The body structure of all versions was developed under the RISE concept of controlled deformation and the vehicle is equipped with side protection bars on the four doors, front seats with head restraints to protect against the whip effect, collapsible steering column, belts with pre-tensioner and force limiter. Thanks to this, the Lancer has received five stars in the world’s leading safety institutes, attesting to the vehicle as one of the safest in the category: Euro NCAP, Ancap, JNCAP and NHTSA.

The brake system is complete. The ABS with four channels ensures stability and safety in braking. The EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) works in conjunction with the ABS and ensures perfect power distribution for each wheel. The BAS (Brake Assist System), brake assist system, allows the vehicle to stop in short space.

Engine, transmission and suspension

In all versions, the Lancer is equipped with MIVEC 2.0 gasoline engine, produced in the engine factory of Mitsubishi Motors in Catalão (GO). The model has 4 cylinders, 16v with variable control and sequential multipoint electronic injection, which generates a power of 160 hp and 196 Nm of torque .

The state-of-the-art MIVEC engine is made of aluminum, which reduces vehicle weight by increasing stability and providing optimum performance. This engine generation is characterized by excellent performance, economy and low maintenance.

The Lancer HLE is equipped with a CVT six-speed automatic transmission with Sports Mode , which can be driven on the lever or by the Paddle Shifters , located behind the wheel, in addition to the INVECS-III technology, which adapts to each driver’s driving style, making the gear changes more smoothly.

The suspension is independent on all four wheels, with MacPherson at the front, reinforced with tubular arm, and Multilink with stabilizer bars at the rear, ensuring stability, comfort and safety.

Four versions

In addition to the new HLE option, the Lancer line is offered in the GT and HL versions, with a six-speed automatic transmission CVT, and MT, with a five-speed manual transmission.

The GT version features the Lancer family brand, sporting the Jet Fighter front grille and the 18-inch Sport Wind Design alloy wheels and 215/45 R18 tires. The vehicle also receives an internal electrochromic rear view mirror , side spoilers, lip aerofoil on the rear cover, bi-xenon headlamps with AFS system , washers and automatic height adjustment of the beam, plus the chrome exhaust tip.

Colors and Versions

The four versions of the Lancer 2016 are already available at Mitsubishi Motors dealerships all over Brazil in eight colors: Alpino White, Cool Silver, Rhodium Silver, London Gray, Onyx Black, Monaco Red, Baroque Brown, Green Forest.

The vehicle has a three-year unlimited mileage warranty and MitReview with a fixed price.


Lancer 2.0 MT – R $ 68.990,00
Lancer 2.0 HL – R $ 73.990,00
Lancer 2.0 HLE – R $ 85,490.00
Lancer 2.0 GT – R $ 89.490,00 Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Add to Compare


The state-of-the-art Mitsubishi Lancer, launched in 2007, has disappeared from many markets because of its poor commercial performance. However, the model continued to be marketed in several countries, such as Brazil and the United States, among some others. And it was precisely in the American market where the Lancer sedan body was given a new restyling, the MY 2016.

Although it remains recognizable, the stylistic changes adopted at the front are detachable, with a new grille that leaves the attractive ‘fighter jet’ that seems to give its last gasp with the Mitsubishi ASX. In its place is used a bumper of design more rounded that divides the grid in two parts. The frames of the antinebline headlamps are also modified by introducing daytime LED lights similar to those of the ASX. The body is also now offered in new colors: pearly white and silver.

In the interior the changes are very discreet, being limited to the tapestries of the versions equipped with fabric banks and the central console with USB input. It is also worth noting that the most basic ES finish in the United States now includes much more standard features such as climate control, alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, foglamps and the new FUSE Hands-free Link System. The line is completed with the finishes SE, SEL and the sporty GT, with a specific regulation of the chassis and a more sportive aesthetics.

The line of engines remains the same, consisting of gasoline options. The least powerful engine, SE finish only, is a 2.0-liter 150-hp aspirated with five-speed manual transmission or a new transmission called CVT8, which has 8 speeds pre-set and according to the brand, improves performance and fuel consumption. Above is the 2.4-liter aspirated 180 hp engine equipped with all-wheel drive and five-speed manual transmission or CVT for the SE, SEL and GT finishes. It disappears from the catalog the interesting version Ralliart with 2.0 Turbo engine of 240 hp with total traction and automatic transmission of double clutch and seven speeds.


– The New York Hall was the stage for the revelation of the renewed Outlander. The new generation of the SUV was inspired by the Outlander PHEV Concept S prototype presented last year, and according to Mitsubishi, the model is the first to boast the new style language of the three diamond brand.

According to Mitsubishi, Outlander has been revised and redesigned. In addition to the aesthetic changes, such as the front grille in “Dynamic Shield” format and new mudguards, the headlights have been updated, the lanterns are now LED and the wheels are 18 inches. The SUV had updates to its chassis and suspension design, now further reinforced with adjustments aimed at reducing noise and vibration, and gained a new power steering system.

Inside, the changes include the use of a material with greater sound insulation capacity, a new multifunction steering wheel, a new finish, a new version of the multimedia system, seats designed to increase the comfort of the occupants, among other items. There was also an increase in safety equipment, with imminent collision warning, unintentional track transposition warning and an adaptive cruise control.

In terms of powertrain, the Outlander will have two gasoline options for the American market: a 2.4 liter four-cylinder, producing 166 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, coupled to a CVT transmission; and another 3.0-liter V6, delivering 224 hp and 291 Nm of torque, using a six-speed automatic transmission.


– The facelift of the Japanese SUV has a more efficient Hybrid Plug-in System. Its launch is scheduled for the end of this year.

Mitsubishi introduced the Outlander PHEV facelift. The upgraded hybrid SUV plug-in will go on sale in Japan in July and will be launched in other markets by the end of this year.

According to the Japanese brand, the model has improvements in direction, comfort and overall behavior. More importantly, the plug-in hybrid system has been optimized to reduce engine friction. This results in a reduction of consumption by up to 8%, ie 20.4 km / l.

The throttle response has also been improved. Mitsubishi has added new safety solutions, specifically a 360 degree vision system and Unintentional Move Off Control system, which allows you to reduce impact damage after an accident by controlling the speed when the driver accidentally presses the accelerator inadvertently or moves in to another vehicle (or object).

Aesthetically, the heritage of the Outlander PHEV Concept-S is presented in 2014, especially in the touches of the front, which highlights the chrome details and renewed bumper.

The new model will be available in new colors: metallic brown Quartz and in the exclusive black color Ruby Pearl. There are also new 18-inch two-tone wheels and interior details such as reconfigured seats, a new four-spoke steering wheel, larger center console, electrically-adjusted driver’s seat and among optional extras a heated steering wheel.

Vehicle Covers for the Winter Season

Once again the season is beginning to change, September is here already and I can feel the change beginning. The time to start thinking about the storage of our recreational vehicles such as our boats, RV’s, jet ski’s etc. is here. These vehicles aren’t cheap and therefore need to be protected. Using a quality vehicle cover will provide protection against debris, snow, ice, wind and rain. Why not prolong your recreational vehicles great looks and value. It will extend the life of your vehicle’s surfaces and interiors as well as provide peace of mind. Everyone knows they make car covers but some may not be aware that there are covers available for virtually any vehicle on the market today. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, RV’s, truck camper shells, tent trailers, toy haulers, jet ski’s, boats, pontoons, motorcycles, ATV’s, limousines and even golf carts, there is a cover for everyone no matter what type of vehicle they wish to cover. With the season changing and folks storing their campers, boats and what not it is crucial to cover them before the winter sett’s in. Especially if they are stored outside whether it is next to your house or garage or in a storage yard. Exterior surfaces can take a beating from rain, snow and ice as well as prolonged sun exposure which can break down rubber, tires especially and cause fading and damage of exterior paint and chrome surfaces.

If you store indoors, it is still a good idea to snow covers for car your vehicle to keep it dust free. When dust is removed it can cause tiny scratches which can affect your clear coat leaving a dullness to the surface. A cover would also protect against droppings of any kind, mice, birds etc. as well as creating a barrier between your vehicle and any foreign object like a trash can or someone leaning against the vehicle with jeans on that have rivets which can scratch.

Purchasing a cover for your RV, boat, jet ski etc. could not be easier. The Internet will provide you access to every size, type and color available today. Make sure you shop around as some sites do offer free shipping and handling which is a key factor, especially if you are covering an RV as these covers are large and consequently heavy, i.e. expensive to ship. You will also want to be sure you are ordering the appropriate size as return shipping for ordering the wrong cover typically is not covered. Most sites have a sizing chart or section where you just plug in the make and model to get the correct size. Don’t let mother natures cold hand of winter mess with your expensive recreational vehicles, protect them today with a quality vehicle cover, a small price to pay for protecting your large investment.

Car Covers For The Wet Weather

Well fall is here and the wet and cold weather is coming soon if not already. At this time of year we start to put away all our RV toys and they should have a cover over them to protect them from the wet and snowy months ahead. From RV large and small to your ATV and other vehicles it is a great idea to cover. Having a cover will keep them high and dry till next season when you are ready to hit the road and start having some summer fun. There are a couple of things the cover will do for you. Like protect it from the moisture and sun as well as help to keep it cleaner the next time you use it. I find fall the best time of the year, the temps start to cool and the sun is a lot less intense. The trees start to change colors and the lawn doesn’t need to be mowed as much. The kids are back in school and it gives me time to work on things around the house with less distractions. Getting your RV and other vehicles ready for storage is a little work but will pay off next season. Your RV should have antifreeze in the lines and you should check all your service items before storage. Your other vehicles won’t need as much work to store. Your cars and trucks that you drive every day could us a cover also to protect them from the rain, ice and snow. It’s nice to get up in the AM and instead for scraping your car windows before going to work you can just pull the cover off your vehicle and your ready to go. If your cover is wet just lay it out to dry during the day and when you get home it will be ready to put back on your car. Most of the covers are mildew resistant. There are covers that are waterproof and also UV treated to help stand up to the wide variation of climates.

When you decide to look for a cover for your RV or other vehicle the Internet is the best place to start. There you will find all the information and selection of covers for all of your vehicle choices. One thing to think about when you are looking for a cover is location, were you will be using that cover in the Northwest where it rains and or snows often or in the East were there is a lot of ice and snow. Or even in the Southern states where the sun is a factor. There are covers to handle all these climates. Next you need to check the warranties to see if the cover has a long life to protect your vehicles. and don’t forget to check shipping policies to see how and when you will receive your cover. You should also check what their return and exchange policies are so there are no surprises. Some sites offer free shipping which is nice. After you have done your home work then you will be ready to purchase a cover.

I have been using covers for all my vehicles and RV toys for years and when I get ready to trade or sell them they always bring me more money for the little cost of that cover. So I think it is well worth the time and money to cover and protect your investments. You will enjoy there new look and also get more out of them when its time to upgrade to something better. There are certain features that you should consider when buying covers for a vehicle. A van wrap is very important when it comes to protection of your vehicles. There are different fabrics of these that are available at different stores. Getting the best may not be an easy task. The main aim of buying a vehicle cover is to ensure utmost defense. The most excellent one is made out of breathable material that will allow ventilation between the vehicle and the coat. This is aimed at preventing moulds and condensation buildup. The greatest cover should guard your vehicle from sun damage. There are certain fabrics which are known to protect vehicles from ultraviolet rays. Sun rays can change the color of your vehicle. It is therefore necessary to search for car wrappers which have the capability of barring sun rays from damaging your asset. However, it should be adaptive to various types of environments. This means that, a good one will offer maximum protection against icy snow, hail, heavy downpours as well as cold temperature.

Another feature of the top cover is elasticity and ease of use. Fitting it around the car should not be forced as it ought to be done easily without much struggle. Moreover, it must be easy to remove. A custom made wrap is considered excellent by many vehicle owners. Compared with ready-fit varieties, this type is more suitable since it is made to cater for your demands. It is a kind of wrap which is tailored depending on users specifications. All that you need is to state your preferred material, model, size as well as style. This type is widely ordered because one is able to get a design that fits his vehicle. Furthermore, a good cover is the one which protects for a very long time. If it can keep your car presentable for a long time meaning that you will not incur additional costs for replacements. Also, you will be assured of increased durability of your asset. Whether your vehicle is stored indoors or outdoors, you must acquire a coat which will offer maximum protection.

A car cover is of great essence to every automobile owner. They will make you save a lot since your vehicle will always be protected from external factors. With them, you will never witness scratches and writings on your sedan. Never overlook their importance at any given time. When a person wants to keep his or her vehicle looking great but they don’t have a garage to store it in, a canopy can provide their vehicle with a less expensive shelter that offers many of the same benefits as a garage. Canopies can protect the paint on a vehicle from tree sap, the sun, debris, pollen, bird droppings, or snow. They can also protect the interior of the vehicle from the effects of the sun on very hot days. Canopy garage kits are very simple to set up and dismantle with few tools needed.

Canopy tops are available in several different types of material, but one of the best choices for a canopy top is laminated polyethylene or a vinyl-poly blend material. Polyethylene tarps provide some of the best coverage from the elements of all canopy top material. They are sold in several colors, sizes and shapes for different preferences. Blue and green are the most popular and least expensive colors, but they aren’t as durable as other colors. All reinforced polyethylene repels water and is mildew and rot resistant. Polyethylene material can last up to ten years or sometimes longer in a good climate. Mesh tarps are useful when people want to shade their vehicle but want air flow under the canopy as well. These tarps are not waterproof but when they are given a PVC coating, the material becomes stronger and gains protection from mildew and rot. Mesh fabric allows enough wind to flow in and out of the canopy so that it is less likely to blow over on very windy days. These tarps usually last between four and six years.

Canvas tarps are considered very multi-purpose. They are lightweight yet strong. Canvas material is water-resistant to a degree, but can be treated to improve its water resistance. It is also mildew and rot resistant. Another great feature to these tarps is that they can be treated to be fire resistant. Cotton duck canvas is the strongest type of canvas tarp available. Metal or aluminum carport kits can be purchased with all the parts needed to assemble them if one would rather have this type of canopy cover for his or her vehicle. Of course, metal is the strongest building material of the two, but aluminum is very durable as well. Aluminum is the least expensive of the two materials. One disadvantage to purchasing an aluminum carport is that this type of shelter can have problems with structure and corrosion if they are used in harsh climates. The words canopy and carport are sometimes used interchangeably. A person can choose between a full-size canopy or half-size canopy to cover just the top of a vehicle. The canopies or carports can be just a roof attached to metal legs or they can be more like a garage with fabric to cover the sides of a vehicle. Although a garage built by a contractor is very nice, not many people can afford to purchase one in today’s economy. There are other more affordable options available for a person to provide both shade and shelter for his or her vehicle. Protecting a vehicle from all elements will help maintain more of its value for a longer period of time.

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